Healing Music Live !

A man quite unlike any other…

“The silence amplifies the atmosphere. Just a few moments… Evening spectators, we wait!

And in the dim light of the stage, a few well-placed notes, a bit scattered, escape, enhanced by the slightly muted, somewhat warm sound of the guitar, the sound that is born from the instrument handled by an inspired hand.

He finally arrives, strolling across the stage, slightly shy and modest. And then his voice begins to take shape, at first without overdoing it, barely confident, and finally, it decides… In an explosion of sounds, he has just charmed us. Too late, we are captivated, as if caught in the trap of sincerity! He occupies so much space…
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It’s as if he gives the notes a head start to give them a place of honor. This guy is incredible; you immediately know he has this rare, unique quality for whom Life is a choice. Strangely, you don’t dwell on it! With his rough, so warm voice, he is dazzling and peaceful. You feel tenderness for others, the desire to set life back on the right path, on the road that seeks wise madness.

There is some Jo, some Ray, some James in his voice, there is gospel in his soul. The power of the ‘groove’ is evident! What emotion! I love this energy he carries like a victory and probably possesses without knowing it because the man seems simple, almost tender… His kind smile is genuine, his energetic gaze speaks to us. This man seems powerful in truth!

He possesses this undeniable gift of warmth, rhythmically guided by music; he shamelessly gives the sensation of pleasure and rewards those who accept it with a gesture, a word, a sound…

There are those you pass by and don’t really see, and then there are those to whom you give a piece of time, and for whom esteem arrives so quickly that you are astonished! An unexpected charm!

Tonight, I met Pi Djob…”

Katy Genevois-Jacob,
September 3, 2023

Emmanuel Pi Djob par Michel Canovas