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Emmanuel Pi Djob

The Multi-Faceted Artist

Who is Emmanuel Pi Djob?

I still don’t know…

It’s as if the elements have embodied themselves in his voice to make him one of their spokesmen. He seems to be one of those upon whom a mission has been bestowed. He has the talents, but above all, the courage and humility to be worthy of it, and he has set to work…

Authenticity, naturalness, depth, breadth, commitment—all on the checklist, with audacity, perseverance, and a tenacity that his inherent legitimacy grants him, unconsciously. Without other concessions than those of message form and the variety of repertoire or style. He creates, he listens, he plays, he composes, he brings to life…

His voice speaks to you, challenges you, envelops you, and discovers you all at once. This voice connects you to the essential, to your own essential.

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She listens to you… in your intimate being, with courtesy at times, often stirring but always with kindness…

It’s exceptional…

From the deepest lows to the highest highs, his voice unfolds from pure flesh to the gentlest spirituality. Whether subtle or raspy, the intensity is without artifice:

Is it the solid, sovereign, reassuring voice of a royal Bassa’a baritone, or the luminous halo of his uniquely distinctive head harmonics? Unique!

Here lies a condensed wealth and diversity of nature and beyond… The colors are vivid, intense, enveloped in softness and tenderness, presenting the imposing stature…

This free, intense yet respectful voice is an invitation to communion and sharing. It reaches everyone without prerequisites. It soothes and ignites you, comforts and alerts you. It awakens you human, humanistic…

You listen from the soles of your feet to the tips of your hair. You resonate in echo with the depths of the universe… irresistibly, like with plants, vegetation, and other animals…

Almost everything around it seems in harmony, connected…

In vibrations you are bound…

Do you want to listen or just hear… continue?
But do you really have a choice…

So tell me,
who is Emmanuel Pi Djob? 

Augustin Dikongué

Emmanuel Pi Djob by Michel Canovas

Projects & Shares​

Emmanuel Pi Djob leads numerous projects. His field of action is as diverse as it is varied.
Whether it’s Pi Djob & Afrosoull Gang, Feelins’9, By the Gospel River, Chants des Racines, Soul meets Opera, Duo Agou et Pi Djob, P3 Trio on stage (read P Cube), Djagda, USD… as well as upcoming projects. The artist unfolds, expresses himself, and shares freely with various other artists.


Last Album

Get on Board!” It’s a mature, authentic work rich in sounds.

The new version of the album Get on Board! Deluxe Edition will delight fans. Centered around groove, this album fully embodies the afrosoul label that Emmanuel Pi Djob proudly represents.

Five new tracks take us even further, transporting us from the Caribbean to India, through West Africa, ultimately reigniting that unique afrosoul blend, infused with rock and rhythm’n blues, his trademark.

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As for the covers, they benefit from new arrangements, including an exceptional duet with Marianne Aya Omac. Reggae and afrobeat blend into a soulful blues fusion, enriched by its choirs, brass riffs, and guitars blending funk and rock. The magical harmonica of William Galison (known for Sting and Bagdad Café) adds emotional touches. On two tracks, the immense Wally Badarou (known for Grace Jones, Fela Kuti, and Level 42) has brought his expertise as a producer. The music is generous, and Emmanuel Pi Djob is more charismatic than ever.

Get on Board! Deluxe Edition (2017)

Get on Board! (2016)

The Miracle of Life (2010)

Remember (2010)

Seven Minutes (2010)